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Manipal Alumni Science & Health Journal (MASH)

Dear all,

Manipal Alumni Science & Health Journal (MASH) is an online access publication of Manipal Alumni Association Malaysia (MAAM). We have published 2 volumes and this will be our 3rd volume.

Manipal Alumni Science & Health Journal (MASH) publishes carefully refereed research, review papers, short communication and case reports, which offer significant contribution to the science and health care industry.

Coverage extends to all main-stream branches of diseases, disorders and health care, branches of dental disorders and health care, branches of engineering & science which are of interest to a wide audience.

MASH is currently accepting submissions. You may submit your research/review/case reports/short communication as per the following schedule:

Important Dates

– Paper Submission Due: 30th July 2017

– Acceptance Notification: within 30 days after submission.

– Publication (Online): within 1-2 weeks after acceptance.

Although MASH does not yet have an impact factor, it is part of a growing number of major abstracting and indexing databases that are accessible to academics, consultants, and practitioners.

Additional information about the journal is available on the MAAM web page

Papers must be based on unpublished original work and must be submitted to MASH only. It must be written in the style outlined in the Instructions for Authors page which can be found on the Manipal Alumni of Malaysia web page at


Email Submission: You may submit with complete details via email at

I hope you will consider submitting your paper for review by the Manipal Alumni Science & Health Journal (MASH).

For any queries, do contact us at


Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Prof. Dr. Philip George

Chief Editor

Submission of Articles to MASH


Articles are accepted for publication on condition that they are contributed solely to The Manipal Alumni Science & Health Journal. The Editorial Board nor the association will accept responsibility for the views and statements of authors expressed in their contributions. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject papers submitted.

The articles for publication in the journal may be sent to The Editor at . The article should be prepared as per the Manuscript

Submission guidelines given below:

  • The article should be in internationally accepted English
  • Manuscript text should be submitted using Microsoft Word for Windows. Images should be submitted as JPEG files (minimum resolution of 300 dpi).
  • Title Page: Title of manuscript , Name(s) and affiliation of author(s),institution(s) and city(ies) and address of corresponding author (Tel., Fax &e-mail)
  • Abstract should highlight objectives, methods, results, conclusion
  • Article (double-spaced in Word format) should be headed by introduction, material & methods, results and, discussion
  • References (maximum number of references for review article – thirty(30), original article – twenty (20) and case reports – six (6) preferably). The referenceshave to be in accordance with the Vancouver system.
  • Table/graphs: Each on separate page (maximum number of tables/graphs – four (4) in original article) with title at the bottom of each
  • Photographs: Each also in separate file (maximum number of photograph files – three (3) for original article and one to two (1-2) for case report with title at the bottom of each.
  • Types of Papers:

Original Articles

Original Articles are reports on findings from original unpublished research. Should not exceed 4000 words.

Review Articles

Papers that presents exhaustive, critical assessments of the systemic review of published literature on relevant topics in science and medicine. Systematic reviews should be prepared in strict compliance with MOOSE or PRISMA guidelines, or other relevant guidelines for systematic reviews.

Short Communications

Short communications should not exceed 1,000 words and shall consist of a Summary and the Main Text. The summary should be limited to 100 words and provided immediately after the title page.

Case Reports

Case reports should not exceed 1,000 words; with a Summary and the Main Text. The summary should be limited to 100 words and provided immediately after the title page.


Commentaries on issues relevant to science and medicine in Malaysia are welcomed. They should not exceed 1,200 words. They maybe unstructured but should be concise. When presenting a point of view it should be supported with the relevant references where necessary.

Letters to Editor

Letters to Editors are responses to items previously published in MASH or to communicate a very important message that is time sensitive and cannot wait for the full process of peer review. Must not exceed 500 words and may include only up to three (3) references. No personal attacks on an author will be considered for publication.