25th Anniversary Celebrations – Foreign Delegate Registration Page

/ / News / January 13, 2011

       Name List of Foreign Delegates that have Registered:

  1. DR Soonu Verghese                         Cumbria,UK
  2. DR Sunilraj Rajdev                          Queensland, AUSTRALIA
  3. DR.G.V.Nair                                    Norfolk, UK
  4. DR Thomas Alexander                     Texas,USA
  5. DR Kuldeep S Sidhu                        NSW, AUSTRALIA
  6. DR Anil Ninan                                 Wrexham, UK
  7. DR S.Mariswamy                             Londonderry, UK
  8. DR Maxwell Rent                             Florida, USA
  9. DR Pathma Nadarajah                     Queensland, AUSTRALIA
  10. DR Peter George                             Cochin, INDIA
  11. DR Rajiv Nanda                              Concord, USA
  12. DR Dinesh Maskasi                         Mumbai, INDIA
  13. DR Sunil Koshy                              Kottayam, INDIA
  14. DR Anil Koshy
  15. DR Vijay Simha                              Muscat, OMAN
  16. DR Gopalakrishna Hebbar                Mangalore, INDIA
  17. DR Sashidharan Palankezhe             Nizwa, OMAN
  18. DR Manesh Mewar                          New York, USA
  19. DR DD Beekarum (Karuna)              Durban, SOUTH AFRICA
  20. DR Ajit Mahale                               Mangalore, INDIA
  21. DR Anand Venugopal                      Mangalore, INDIA
  22. DR Rajesh Shetty                           Mangalore, INDIA
  23. DR Shanker Shetty                         Perth, AUSTRALIA
  24. DR Shubhaker Bhandary                  Mangalore, INDIA
  25. DR Sunil Sachdev                           Nairobi, KENYA
  26. DR Sudaram Rai                             London, UK
  27. DR C Balasubramaniam                   Shropshire, UK
  28. DR Mahendran Tampi                      Derbyshire, UK
  29. DR Perumal Nanda Naidoo              Sundumbili, SOUTH AFRICA
  30. DR Thilak Arunachalam                    Victoria, AUSTRALIA
  31. DR Anwar Padhani                         Middlesex, UK
  32. DR Padmaraj Hegde                       Manipal, INDIA
  33. DR Jagan John Jacob                      Denbighshire, UK
  34. DR Jotinder Gill Johar                      Belmont, USA
  35. DR Bharat Patel                             Mombasa, KENYA
  36. DR Virinder K Madhok                      Glasglow, UK
  37. DR Raju Abraham                           Ibri. OMAN
  38. DR Subramaniam Jayakumar             Washington, USA
  39. DR Soraya Naidoo                           Scottsville, SOUTH AFRICA
  40. DR Jacob Vergese                            INDIA
  41. Mr Prabhakar Devckar                       Mumbai, INDIA
  42. DR Haneef Sherfudhin                     Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA 
  43. DR Roshan Surendrajil Mendis           Melbourne,AUSTRALIA
  44. DR K.P Rao                                                   UK
  45. DR Zachariah Varkki                  Bandar Seri Bagawan, BRUNEI
  46. DR Mahesh Patel                              SOUTH AFRICA
  47. DR Bipin Patel                                        USA
  48. DR Pankaj Mowji                                      USA
  49. DR N.T.Johnny                                  Kozhikode, INDIA
  50. Dr Raghavendra Rao (Sudhaker)    Coimbatore, INDIA


 Information for Rates & Payment

Please complete the form below and return it to our secretariat by fax / e mail / post to: –

Manipal Alumni Association of Malaysia,
7A Jalan Telawi Lima,
Bangsar Baru  – 59100
Kuala Lumpur,

Phone : +603 22827355
Fax : +603 22828355
Website : www.manipal.org.my



1) Package per Pax for 4 days 3 nights convention is as follows:-

  • Check in 14th July (Thursday – after 2 pm)
  • Check out 17th July (Sunday – 12 Noon);   Includes: –
  • 3 night’s accommodation (Thursday, Friday & Saturday night).
  • 3 Breakfast (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
  • 2 Lunches (Friday & Saturday).
  • 3 Dinners –
  • Thursday  – “Welcome Dinner”
  • Friday       – informal night – theme – “Woodstock”.
  • Saturday  – 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner – Formal Dress code
2) Extra days – pre & post convention – the rates shown are per room with breakfast
  • Children – 4 to 12 years old.
  • Anyone above 12 years is considered as an adult.
  • We recommend the corporate deluxe rooms. These rooms are limited in numbers and are thus subject to availability – 1st come 1st serve.
  • All charges are inclusive of Service charge & Government taxes.
  • Prices are in Malaysian Ringgit.
  • Bookings will be done with payment only.
4) This is the price list for the Convention.
You can use this table to calculate the exact amount that you will have to pay.
Once you have done this,please proceed to fill out the Registration Form below.
Click submit and you will be directed to an Online paysite ( Webcash), proceed to make payment and your transaction is complete.


We have many proposed games as part of the convention. Depending on the numbers we intend to have games as “Malaysia”   vs “The Rest of the World”. So please come prepared. All can play (young, old, male, female) – as long as you are registered with the convention.

Please bring your sports equipment along. Some equipment may be available on rental

The games proposed: –

1 Golf 10 Squash
2 Cricket 11 Bowling
3 Football (soccer) 12 Darts
4 Netball 13 Snooker
5 Futsal 14 Water sports
6 Foosball 15 Fishing
7 Table Tennis 16 Arm wrestling
8 Tennis 17 Boat race
9 Badminton 18 Telematch

Some minimum charges may be levied by the hotel for activities.

Tour agency – Kenzar Travel.

We have appointed a tour agency to assist you in all ground transfers,  in bound and out bound tours / travel.
Please contact them directly at the address below.
Payment is to be made directly with them.

Please contact Ms Madelina for more information.

Click on the Link below:

 Tour Packages


You can also contact the committee members directly : –

1. Secretariat – Mr. Kulen    – 603 22827355 / 6017 2089017.

2. President –  Dr Jeyalan    –  603 22845228 / 6012 3717012 / jeyalans@gmail.com

3. V. President – Dr Nirmal – 603 51211153/ 6012 3031428 / nsj1954@gmail.com /       nsj1954@streamyx.com

4. Secretary – Dr T J              –  603 31679168/ 6012 2137759  / drthomasjohn@hotmail.com

5. Treasurer – Dr Naga         – 603 22845228 / 6012 2878012 / drnaga52@yahoo.com

6. Editor – Dr Simon Martin   – 6017 6218856 / 603 22744868/ howzitnews@gmail.com



Online Registration is currently open.

Please fill up the online registration form and submit at the earliest.

Rooms are limited, so booking it is on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

If you have any difficulties while registering, please feel free to email or call anyone of our committee members.

 ” Extra Days are on a per room basis and not per person.”

The Online Registration is only for Registration of Foreign Delegates.

Note:   For those who are not comfortable with Online Credit card payments we have an Alternative method of payment :-

Delegates can also pay directly via Telegraphic Transfer to our local bank account:

(Manipal Alumni Association Malaysia).

Details are as follows:

Bank Name :  RHB Bank  

Bank Address : Bangsar Shopping Complex, Bangsar,59100 Kuala

                        Lumpur, Malaysia.

Bank Account Number: 21427700036874

Bank Swift Code: RHBB MY KL  

Bank Contact Number: 006 03 22846870  

Note :All bank charges will have to be borne by the delegates, please check with your bank and add  this  amount to the total before the Telegraphic Transfer.

Registration Form for Delegates: