Golden Jubilee in 2018

/ / News / February 20, 2017

Dear KMC alumni,

I just returned from Manipal after attending a ” One Manipal Alumni Meet ” and some other academic activities including an International Peds CME.
They are planning a big celebratory alumni meeting for the Golden Jubilee in 2018 .
They are also interested in working with us to set up a meeting in US – we can try and get medical, MIT, Dental, pharmacy, Engineering , Nursing , Hospitality etc alumni from India, US, UK, Canada, Malyasia, India ,UAE South Africa and Australia.
It could be some time this fall over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
With some help from you all and MU we could have it in New Orleans with a Mardi Gras Parade, Jazz and Indian Music, Cajun and Indian food, river boat cruise, Bourbon street tour, golf and for those who want a cruise to Carribean or Mexico following .
We can also get Microsoft ,Nokia and Google CEOs from MU as guests .
We do have lots of addresses but will need help from all to get new and updated contacts.
Other locations are welcome provided we can have local contacts
Just a feeler note – let me know your thoughts.
I feel that our institution can function better with a strong alumni group.


Raj Warrier

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