/ / News / December 22, 2021

Dearest Manipalites,

We are all saddened to see and hear about the misfortunes of so many Malaysians as the country battled some of its worst floodings in years.

However, we applaud the efforts of many NGOs and volunteers who have stepped up amidst this crisis to help mitigate this disaster.

Inspired by these rakyats, MAAM wishes to do its part for our troubled Manipalites.

If any of you are experiencing difficulties caused by the recent floods or know of members who are, do not hesitate to call our representatives below or drop us an email.

We will do our very best to lighten the burden and ease the pain.

Please help us, help you.

Together, we are stronger.


Please contact Dr. Kewaljit @ 012-220 5590

or Dr.Siva @ 012 9029493

or Dr.Anand @ 016 6602527

Or Email: